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CNC Machining Manufacturing Service
Making Your Product Ideas Into Reality
ZH can provide brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel precision casting and precision casting mold services.
We have multiple CNC machining equipments and 3/4/5 axis machining centers for turning, milling, drilling, boring and tapping process with brass, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, plastic and titanium alloy and other materials. ZH can provide customers with a range of services from design, processing to surface treatment.
What is CNC machining?
CNC machining refers to a machining method of controlling the displacement of parts and tools with digital information on a numerically controlled machine.
It is an effective way to solve the problems of various types of parts, small batch size, complex shape and high precision requirement, also helps to achieve high efficient and automated processing. We use CNC machining to not only manufacture parts and prototypes, but also to make mold tools that can be used in our forging and stamping services.
  • 1
    Check the version required by the drawing, whether it matches the real objects
  • 2
    Check the quantity required by the drawing, whether it matches the actual quantity.
  • 3
    Identify the material required by the material, whether it matches the real objects.
  • 4
    Review technical description:
    Whether there is symmetry piece
    Different types of heat treatment, finish and other requirements for machining
    English/Japanese commentary
  • 5
    Review the dimensions, shape tolerances, appearance requirements, finish, etc. of the drawings, determine the inspection method, and use the measuring tools reasonably to ensure the quality of the inspection.
  • 6
    QC inspects the work piece in order, checks a size, makes a mark, cannot miss inspection on anyone.
  • 7
    When check out the defective product, the team leader or the factory department will confirm whether to repair or scrap.
  • 8
    After the inspection is completed, the inspection record is signed, the work piece is cleaned as required, the package is inspected, and the label is pasted.
  • 9
C5241, BC6
Stainless steel
SUS303、SUS304、 SUS301、SUS302
Heat treatable stainless steel
Chrome steel
  • Review drawings.
    We will detailed analysis and optimize the process technics when received the drawings.

    we will further confirm the material grade on the drawings and send to our material supplier.
  • Confirm the process technics
    Project consultant team will review the best process technics and final confirmation with the customer, at the same time according the drawings and technics to draft the products quality inspection standard and delivered to the quality inspector.
  • Quantity, delivery time and quotation
    According the quantity, size and technics to evaluate the delivery time and quoted to the customer within 24 hours.
  • Order confirmation and samples delivery
    1, Need to make the mold samples delivery time:30 days
    2, No need to make the mold samples delivery time:10 days
    3, delivery samples with the inspection report
  • Mass production delivery time
    After the samples are confirmed. according to the size, quantity and process degree of complexity negotiate the fastest delivery time with the customer
  • Quality control
    Production operator and Quality inspector will confirm the checking-tools and measuring tool, checking the parts quality every 30 minutes when producing and fill in quality inspection card
  • Entry the stock and full inspection
    After the all of parts are entered the stock, quality inspector will be according the operating instructions to 100% full inspection and based on the customer's required to package.
  • Shipping
    After the package ZH will be according customer's required to shipping the goods by ocean carriage or air transport.
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