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CNC Machining Parts

Zehan CNC Machining Service
We have multiple CNC machining equipments and 3/4/5 axis machining centers for turning, milling, drilling, boring and tapping process with brass, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, plastic and titanium alloy and other materials. Zehan can provide customers with a range of services from designing, processing to surface treatment. 

What is CNC Machining?
CNC machining refers to a machining method of controlling the displacement of parts and tools with digital information on a numerically controlled machine.
It is an effective way to solve the problems of various types of parts, small batch size, complex shape and high precision requirement, also helps to achieve high efficient and automated processing. We use CNC machining to not only manufacture parts and prototypes, but also to make mold tools that can be used in our forging and stamping services.
Advantages of CNC machining
1.High precision machining quality.
2.Multi-coordinate linkage can be processed to machining complex shapes.
3.When to change the machining part, operator generally only need to change the CNC program which can save production preparation time.
4.High degree of automation to reduce labor intensity.
5.Full-featured, available for wide materials.

Hot Forging Parts

Zehan Hot Forging Service
Zehan has a complete hot forging production line, equipment forging capacity of 20T-3000T, and according to product design requirements, providing high-precision molds, can be used for metal forging of brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel. 
What is hot forging?
The forging process performed on the metal re-crystallization temperature is named hot forging. Hot forging, also known as hot die forging, has a severe flow of deformed metal during forging, and the contact time between the forging and the mold is longer. Therefore, the mold material is required to have high thermal stability, high temperature strength and hardness, impact toughness, thermal fatigue resistance and wear resistance, and is easy to machine. Hot forging dies for lighter workloads can be made from low alloy steel.

The Advantages of Hot Forging
1. Improve the internal structure of the metal and improve the mechanical properties of the metal;
2. Have high labor productivity;
3. A wide range of adaptation. The quality of forgings is as small as less than 1kg and as large as hundreds of tons; it can be produced in one-piece and small-volume production, and can be mass-produced;
4. Using of precision die forging can make the dimension and shape of the forging close to the finished parts, which can greatly save metal materials and reduce cutting work hours.
Average temperatures for hot forging includes:
Aluminum (Al) Alloys - 360° (680°F) to 520°C (968°F)
Copper (Cu) Alloys - 700°C (1 292°F) - 800°C (1 472°F)
Steel(Fe) – 1150°C (2102°F)

Precision Casting Parts

Zehan Precision Casting Service
The lost wax method is very suitable for producing precision castings with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy & quality. In addition, it offers a large freedom in both design and material choice of your desired castings. Precision castings are known as the highest quality castings available on the market.
Zehan can provide brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel precision casting and precision casting mold services. 
What Is Precision Casting Process?
The casting production process is generally so that it can be divided into Pressure wax, making shell, casting, post-treatment, inspection.Pressure wax (Shot wax and making the wax mold)---repair wax----wax inspection----wax tree (wax mold group tree)---shell (dip slurry, sand, dip slurry again, finally Mould shell air-drying)--- dewax (steam dewax)---- bake mold shell --Chemical analysis--casting (casting steel water in the mold shell)----vibration shelling---casting part and pouring Rod cutting separation----grinding sprue---initial inspection (blank inspection)--- ball blast -----cnc machining-----polishing---finish inspection--- entering warehouse.

Metal Stamping Parts

Three Elements of Metal Stamping
Requirements for stamping materials
1 .The thickness is accurate and uniform.
2 .The surface is smooth, no spots, no flaws, no scratches, no surface cracks, etc.
3 .The yield strength is uniform and there is no obvious directionality.
4. Uniform elongation is high.
5. The yield ratio is low.
6. Low work hardening.
In actual production, usually use the process test similar to the stamping process, such as the drawing performance test and the bulging performance test, which is used to test the punching performance of the material to ensure the quality of the finished product and high qualification rate.
Requirements for Stamping Moulding & Dies
The precision and structure of the mold directly affect the forming and precision of the stamping. Molds manufacturing costs and longevity are important factors influencing the cost and quality of stampings. Standardization of mold bases, formwork, guides and development of simple molds (for small batch production), composite molds, multi-station progressive molds (for mass production), and the development of rapid mold change devices to reduce the workload of stamping production preparation and shortening the preparation time, the advanced stamping technology suitable for mass production can be reasonably applied to small batch and multi-variety production.
Special Stamping Equipment
Mechanical presses are generally used. Centered on modern high-speed multi-station mechanical presses, equipped with unwinding, leveling, finished product collection, conveying and other machinery as well as mold libraries and rapid mold change devices, and using computer program control, can form a high-productivity automatic stamping production line.

Custom Pipe Fittings

Zehan MFG maintains a large stock of bar and forgings in all alloys and have over 20 years of manufacturing experience in specialty items. 

With this expertise, we are able to meet each customer’s special needs in regards to materials, shipping dates and delivery worldwide.

contact Zehan now for  custom pipe fitting fabrication service.

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