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Clients' First Visit to Our Factory

Clients' First Visit to Our Factory

Issue Time:2019-11-19

Clients' First Visit to Our factory

Oct 23th is a big day. Our clients come to Qingdao by air to visit our factory. It is their first time to China.

We picked up our clients at Liuting International Airport at twelve o'clock in the evening on Oct 23th . We prepared some food and drinks for them to relieve fatigue. 


We drive to pick up our clients from the hotel to our factory at nine o'clock on next day. On the way to the factory, the customer praised the rapid development of Qingdao city, and we also introduced the interesting places in Qingdao, such as stone old man's bath, Tsingdao beer museum, Ancientcity of Jimo, and etc.


According to client's schedule, we first discuss the details of the collaborative project in the meeting room. The detailed technical requirements include torlerance, material, details of production.

We showed the relevant ingredient content report of the material, the related product quality report,  Product inspection procedure according to the drawings sent before to our clients and introduced in detail.

We recommend other suitable materials to our customers according to our experience, as well as more exquisite processing technology. Show our sincerity to customers.

Our client also raised some other questions. To show our sincerity, we can completely solve customer's problems, meet their needs, and provide some convinient services. 

As time went by, we got to know each other better and better.

Customers are becoming more confident to our strength of our production system and experience. 

Before lunch, we still have a little time to take a brief tour of our factory. 

The workers in the workshop are off workand have lunch, and our boss personally introduced each departments of our factory to the customers.

Such as: production department, quality inspection department, our warehouse, packaging and delivery department, etc.

When I visited the TSUGAMI five-axis numerical control machining center, the CNC machining parts attracted the customer's stop and talk.

Customer asked, "what is this piece used for?", Manager replied, "we have aconfidentiality agreement with the customer for this workpiece, we can produce the parts in strict accordance with your detailed drawings and our accuracy requirement can reach 0.01mm."

Our clients have similar requirements for 4,5-axis machining parts, we provided our competitive quotation on the same day.

In the copper forging area, the customer also said, "The brass forging is reallly well done, please give us another offer according to this drawing". We calculated and show the quotation to the customer at that time.

After the working time, it's time for lunch. We took our guests to the famous local seafood restarant. 

Enjoy Qingdao seafood and maotai.

Welcome to our factory again. 

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